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Architectural Bronze Bushings

architectural bronzeWe often see the use of bronze bushings in an industrial setup. They are commonly used in machines, manufacturing equipment, and more. However, bronze is also used in architecture and construction. They are called architectural bronze bushings. Its name comes from its popularity in a lot of architectural projects. A lot of the metal parts in construction uses bronze. It is more of a preference than a necessity. Most of the time, iron and steel are used for the foundation. Bronze is sometimes included for the aesthetic. People who prefer things looking antique and aging choose bronze as their window and doors frames.

On the other hand, people also prefer architectural bronze bearings because of its amazing performance over time. As it produces a natural patina, it exhibits anti-corrosive properties. It is also highly durable, and the addition of manganese to the alloy contributes to increased tensile strength. As houses and establishments age, their value decrease. However, the addition of bronze fixtures and pieces turns the table. There are stabilizers called architectural bronze bar  alloys which brings aesthetic appeal to houses, but also offers durability, longevity and strength that increase overtime. It also makes the house look luxurious and prestigious both inside and out.

The advantages stated above attract people to include bronze pieces and parts to their houses and establishments. Bronze automatically elevates the vibe of the environment. It is important to know that there are also bronze powders available on the market. Bronze powders can be added to furniture to make it look like it is made of bronze. This is not a downside. In fact, there is also architectural bronze available in bronze powder. However, this is used primarily for aesthetics, and to ensure consistency for all fixtures. If you want your furniture to be new but look old and aging, you can use bronze powder. Bronze powder is often in a form of powder coat finish over a chromate coating.

There are many shades of architectural bronze powder, and it primarily depends on your choice. The shade of the powder mimics the age of typical bronze. As the bronze ages, it becomes darker. The patina it produces over time results to a darker finish.

Architectural bronze powder is commonly used in window and door frames, lighting fixtures, commercial doors, flat commercial roofing, sheet metal and many more. It has a paint-like texture applied usually to metal surfaces like die-cast aluminum. These are the traditional applications, but the advancement of technology allows it to be used in almost everything made of metal to make it look like bronze.

Now, should you use actual bronze or bronze powder? It is entirely up to you. If you choose bronze solely for the sake of aesthetics, bronze powder can do the trick for you. However, if you want your house to possess the aesthetic and withstand the test of time, you should definitely go for actual bronze. Your furniture can be made entirely of bronze. It is malleable and easy to mold. Just have your design in mind, and you can have your house entirely furnished with bronze.